cogito, ergo sum
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"The Samburu people hail from the foothills of northern Kenya and relocate every five to six weeks to ensure that their cattle can feed themselves."

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Last minute realization of what was near me all along!!!!!

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Right place, wrong time.

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Escape Goat.

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I managed to read Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology without questioning, as much as I predicted I would, Rand’s winding and often inconsistent solutions to the problem of universals. Same could not be said for my reaction to Peikoff’s views on Immanuel Kant’s analytic and synthetic propositions. Quite frankly, until the scientific community devises a new commonplace procedure of discovery to enhance this silly system we call the scientific method, research towards the betterment of society will continue to have a near-negligible effect. As the ancient philosophers have shown us—and as many seem to have forgotten— science and philosophy are not mutually-exclusive. New, more efficient methods of research will not only save time and money, but the lives of today and tomorrow. The woman of “self” indirectly sponsors “society.”

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Having a really hard time wondering what made people believe in Hippocrates’ four temperaments??? Also proto-psychology in general?

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